About the Author

Fuckin’ Kip.

I began writing in seventh grade on the advice of an old wizard my brother Travis and I encountered while hunting muskrats near our rural Minnesota home. The suggestion of writing seemed like a cool idea and a lot less work than the pro-bono public defender revelation Trav got stuck with.

Years later we learned that that elderly wizard was actually just a washed up, crusty cat burglar named Kip. His true intentions were simply to groom us into a pair of young, hotshots with careers only meant to serve him well when it came to dealing with his legal troubles.

Despite the fact that I had dedicated the last decade of my life to the written word under false pretenses, it was a labor I learned to love. Travis on the other hand was pissed. Before legal studies took precedence, his greatest life skill was killing things with his bare hands. Needless to say, he killed the hell out of that old wizard.  Ironically, he defended himself and was cleared of any crime.

Since that time I’ve contributed to local publications such as High Plains Drifter, The Reader, Oeuvre and The Transistor. I’ve also lent word to Yobeat and sometimes self publish a skateboard and art magazine called Skunk and it’s accompanying website, Spray or Die. I also perform stand-up comedy, something that I’m sure if Kip were alive today, would be proud of.

Thanks for judging.


contact: newsplat@gmail.com


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